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Dealing with Relationship Insecurity - 9 Tips to Overcoming Insecurity

Insecurities, we all have them. Whether or not it's something physical that you're insecure about like your height, your weight, maybe the fact that you've got pointy little ears or maybe your insecurities stem from a lack of financial resources. Maybe you don’t have the nicest car or your clothes aren't exactly as nice as your buddy's. But regardless of what you're insecure about, nothing can kill a potentially great situation like relationship insecurity. So today, I thought I’d go over nine tips for overcoming relationship insecurity.
Dealing with Insecurity in a Relationship
Tip 1: Don't judge your current relationship based on your previous relationships. Because here's the deal, just because your past girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you doesn't mean that the current one is cheating on you. Nothing is going to potentially kill a relationship like making the current partner pay for the deeds of your past partner. The beautiful thing about new rel…