Take Control of Your Relationship - Try These Three Tips

Do you feel like you are on a slippery slope down and need something to grasp onto so that you can take control of your relationship again? It is easy to lose control when you are in a relationship, especially when you are with someone who likes to take the reigns and run with them. But relationships require a nice balance if both people are going to be satisfied and content. If you are in need of some tips to help you to take control of your relationship then continue reading....

First, you might have to admit that you are somewhat to blame in all of this. If you have slowly conceded the power to make all of the most important decisions to your man, it may be because you find it easier that way. Likewise, if you have let your man pressure you into giving up your friends and other hobbies that you had before you met him, then you should not have let him do that.

So first, you will have to begin to show him that you are going to change the way that you act with him. If he is resistant, you will just have to be firm and stand your ground. Just explain to him that you are unhappy with the current situation and that you need things to change in order for you to be happy.

You may actually find that he is willing to concede some of the power back to you quite easily. He may even enjoy the relief that he feels from knowing that you will be taking more responsibility concerning important decisions that you both face. He may also miss his old friends and hobbies and be glad to let you go out with yours if it means that he can see his.

Finally, when you are trying to take control of your relationship and you find that your man fights you every step of the way, you may want to consider ending the relationship. Relationships need a healthy balance if they are going to last. If you are with someone who doesn't let you be yourself and who pushes you around, then you need to find someone else who will treat you right.

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