Does He Want a Relationship? How to Know If He Wants You

Do you feel like you are really falling hard for a new guy in your life? You know that he is attracted to you, but does he want a relationship or are you just someone that he wants to have fun with? If you don't feel that asking him is the right way to find out then here is what you can do instead.

If you have decided not to just ask the guy outright then you probably know men better than you think you do. You have made the right decision, because if there is one subject that men hate to talk about it is romance. This is especially true of questions about whether or not and how much he likes a girl.

But do not despair because you can still find the answer without even having to ask him about it and potentially scare him away. Besides, you should know that actions speak louder than words. Anyone can say anything, but it is the way that a guy acts that tells you if he wants a relationship with you or not.

If the guy in question makes it a point to try to spend real quality time with you, then he probably wants a relationship. When a guy likes a girl he will do whatever he can to impress her and make her want to see him again. However, if he is always calling you last minute to hang out at his place and watch television, then he is not trying hard and not taking you seriously.

Does he want a relationship enough to agree with you when you tell him that you are not going to sleep with him early on? Guys who just want to be with a woman to get her in bed will probably take off once they find out that the girl is not going to sleep with him right off. So if you tell him that it could be months before you are ready and he seems fine with that, that is the best indication that he does want a relationship with you.

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