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What Women Do NOT Want - Stop Being a Chump Now

It's painfully difficult if not outright impossible to understand what women really want. On the other hand, it's painfully easy to realize what it is they DON'T want.

However, there are many guys out there who don't get these vibes that women put out and tend to be surprised when they get ignored, or worse, dumped. If you're one of these guys, read on and find out where you're going wrong...

Approaching women, talking them into dating you and seducing them takes time and effort. You can't afford to mess up. Here are some traits that you should definitely avoid, because girls simply hate to see them on guys. Read on to discover the three traits that women hate...and make sure that you don't have them.

Characteristics That Women Hate In A Man - Stop Being A Chump!

Trait #1. Absence of Passion. If you're driven in life, it shows. Women are always attracted to guys who have a zest; an enthusiasm for life and hate guys who are placid and lacking passion in …