Dealing with Relationship Insecurity - 9 Tips to Overcoming Insecurity

Insecurities, we all have them. Whether or not it's something physical that you're insecure about like your height, your weight, maybe the fact that you've got pointy little ears or maybe your insecurities stem from a lack of financial resources. Maybe you don’t have the nicest car or your clothes aren't exactly as nice as your buddy's. But regardless of what you're insecure about, nothing can kill a potentially great situation like relationship insecurity. So today, I thought I’d go over nine tips for overcoming relationship insecurity.
Dealing with Insecurity in a Relationship
Tip 1: Don't judge your current relationship based on your previous relationships. Because here's the deal, just because your past girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you doesn't mean that the current one is cheating on you. Nothing is going to potentially kill a relationship like making the current partner pay for the deeds of your past partner. The beautiful thing about new rel…

Understanding Relationships

Throughout life we are in a constant relationship. The obvious are family, or personal relationships, but there are many others that are not obviously life enhancing, though bring the fabric of life together. We are in constant interaction with both animate and inanimate objects.

Each of us has a friend/friends who we share part of our life with. Why have we got this person as a friend not somebody else? The answer is quite simple. This person or persons give us something that we need and cherish. They fulfill a need or void within us that otherwise restricts the satisfaction we get out of life. The exact opposite is true because as you are receiving the benefits of this relationship you are also inadvertently satisfying the needs and desires of the other person.

So is a relationship a two way street? Not necessarily. Consider the fridge that is standing in the corner of the kitchen. I hear you say that you cannot have a relationship with an inanimate object. Well consider what benefi…

My Husband Flirts With Other Women - What Should I Do?

Recently, I received emails from wives asking about flirting issue. "My Husband blatantly flirts with other women in front of me, and I cannot stand it." Most of the time, it happens at places that they can socialize around such as parties or clubs. Most women say their husbands ignore them and spend the whole evening talking to another lady. It seems that the wife is not existed. What should you do about his flirting habit?

Tell him about this problem
Men or women enjoy looking at beautiful women or handsome men. If his behaviour is way too much, you have to let him know how unhappy his behaviour can make you feel. He may brush it off telling you how sensitive and paranoid you are. Justify the situation yourself, you have to differentiate if he is just only socializing or flirting around.

Let him know you are serious
If he doesn't care or take you seriously, make sure you find a chance to sit down and talk to him again. Tell him how deeply hurt you are when he flirts around…

Does He Want a Relationship? How to Know If He Wants You

Do you feel like you are really falling hard for a new guy in your life? You know that he is attracted to you, but does he want a relationship or are you just someone that he wants to have fun with? If you don't feel that asking him is the right way to find out then here is what you can do instead.

If you have decided not to just ask the guy outright then you probably know men better than you think you do. You have made the right decision, because if there is one subject that men hate to talk about it is romance. This is especially true of questions about whether or not and how much he likes a girl.

But do not despair because you can still find the answer without even having to ask him about it and potentially scare him away. Besides, you should know that actions speak louder than words. Anyone can say anything, but it is the way that a guy acts that tells you if he wants a relationship with you or not.

If the guy in question makes it a point to try to spend real quality time with yo…

Take Control of Your Relationship - Try These Three Tips

Do you feel like you are on a slippery slope down and need something to grasp onto so that you can take control of your relationship again? It is easy to lose control when you are in a relationship, especially when you are with someone who likes to take the reigns and run with them. But relationships require a nice balance if both people are going to be satisfied and content. If you are in need of some tips to help you to take control of your relationship then continue reading....

First, you might have to admit that you are somewhat to blame in all of this. If you have slowly conceded the power to make all of the most important decisions to your man, it may be because you find it easier that way. Likewise, if you have let your man pressure you into giving up your friends and other hobbies that you had before you met him, then you should not have let him do that.

So first, you will have to begin to show him that you are going to change the way that you act with him. If he is resistant, y…

Can I Really Get My Ex Back? (My Ex-Girlfriend Or My Ex-Boyfriend)

Read on for a strategy:

Are you wondering how in the world am I going to learn how to mend a broken heart? Does anybody know any tips on surviving a break up? Are you listening to the break up songs " To Break up To Make Up" or " Let's Stay Together." Well I don't blame you, lets get ready to save your relationship today with learning some of the best ways to get over a breakup. Improve your chances of winning him or her back or surviving the break up.

Think about what really led you to read an article about a remedy for a broken heart? Well some free advice is always good to help get you on the right track. Did you notice any of the stages of breaking up? Sometimes when you become overly anxious to get your ex back, it can cause that person to pull away, because it is our human nature to pull away naturally. Avoid fighting human nature, because it will only increase the break up pain.

Are you finding yourself calling too much, texting too much, or too many em…

Are You in a Relationship? Important Points You Need to Remember to Succeed

What qualities would you currently view as essential in a potential marriage mate?

Morally upright

There is nothing wrong with any of the above traits. Each of them has its own appeal.

As you mature, however, you begin using your perceptive powers to examine deeper issues, such as those in the right-hand column. For instance, you start to realize that the cutest girl in the neighborhood may not be trustworthy or that the most popular boy in class may not be morally upright. If you're "past the bloom of youth"-the time of life when sexual desires first become strong-you most likely look beyond the superficial traits to answer the question, Is this person right for me?

Will Just Anyone Do? - Over the course of time, more than a few members of the opposite sex may catch your eye. But not just anyone will do. After all, you want a lifelong mate, someone who will bring out the best in you and for whom you will do …